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Prototyping, making, and fabricating

to solve problems in real-time.


Our Story

This is the story of 12 designers, engineers, teachers, and innovators who came together in the midst of a pandemic to use our STEM skills for fabricating and making PPE. We quickly realized that Mali did not need a "quick fix" solution to solve the lack of PPE. What was really needed was a space where local fabrication, making, and engineering was made available for solving crises, however they may appear, for years to come. We have transformed our ideas into what is now Precision Africa, a fully-functioning, multipurpose makerspace in the Bamako area to provide a space for repairing machinery and industrial equipment, a hub for STEM education, and an incubator for our trainers and trainees to go on to build and develop their own businesses with the skills they take away from experience at Precision Africa. As we continue to build and grow, we encourage you to reach out to connect, collaborate, and create.  

The beginnings of Precision Africa (formerly COVID Mali).

Precision Africa in a global landscape.

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Precision Africa is a place to prototype, develop, and share. There are few places in Mali for engineers, designers, and learners to gain hands-on experiences in STEM fields. Precision Africa's makerspace is vital for young people to develop the technical training and expertise they need to professionalize their skills and ultimately market them in Mali's industrial sector.

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